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eSUN 3D Printer Filament PLA Matte 1.75mm 1KG (2.2 LBS) Spool 3D Printing Material For 3D Printers Matte PLA Filament

SPECIFICATIONSOrigin: Mainland ChinaModel Number: ePLA-MatteMaterial: PLAForm: solidFeature 9: 3d printer filamentFeature 8: Filament plaFeature 7: filament plaFeature 6: esun plaFeature 5: 3d printer filamentFeature 4: eSun BrandFeature 3: Matte PLA FilamentFeature 2: PLA FilamentFeature 14: 3d printer accessoriesFeature 13: filament for 3d printerFeature 12: pla filamentFeature 11: Printer 3dFeature 10:...
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Milky White
Mint Green
Deep Black
Almond Yellow
Dark Grey
Peach Pink
Light Khaki
Lake Blue
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Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: ePLA-Matte

Material: PLA

Form: solid

Feature 9: 3d printer filament

Feature 8: Filament pla

Feature 7: filament pla

Feature 6: esun pla

Feature 5: 3d printer filament

Feature 4: eSun Brand

Feature 3: Matte PLA Filament

Feature 2: PLA Filament

Feature 14: 3d printer accessories

Feature 13: filament for 3d printer

Feature 12: pla filament

Feature 11: Printer 3d

Feature 10: 3d filament matte

Feature 1: Matte PLA

Brand Name: ESUN

eSUN 3D Printer Filament ePLA-Matte 1.75mm Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03mm 1KG (2.2 LBS) Spool 3D Printing Material For 3D Printers


Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Print Temperature:190-230°C
Print Speed: 40 - 100mm/s
Heat-Bed Temperature: 60°C
Density: 1.26g/m3
Net Weight: 1KG(2.2LBS)

PLA is a great material for early concept models because it is easy to use, office-friendly, and works great with breakaway supports which print faster and can be removed faster than dissolvable supports. PLA is a corn-based plastic and is considered biodegradable under industrial processes.

NOTICE: 3D Printing Troubleshooting Guide is at the bottom of the detail page.

3D Printing Troubleshooting Guide

Nozzle clog &Poor extrusion output

Obvious issuesas below

Suggested solutions

1. When we met these situations, it is recommended that the printing temperature should raise to 230 , adjust printing speed to 40mm/s, reduced the layer thickness to 0.1mm, then test if it works.

2. If the first step can not solve the problem, need to exclude hardware problems: pull out the front end of the PTFE Pipe Hose to check if it is darken or not , if yes, need replace a new one with nozzle together, because the pipe is already aging.(When replacing, notice that the nozzle need to be tightened with heat)

3. Check the extruder gears, whether the bite is normal, it is recommended that in the case of normal feeding, try to loose the extruder spring.

Non-stick platform, warped edges

Obvious issuesas below

Suggested solutions:

1. It is recommended to re-level first, the nozzle is too close to the platform will cause the first layer easy to overflow, if too far the first layer can not stick to the platform; if the four corners leveling difference is too large, it may lead to warp from a farther corner.

2. Adjust slicing parameters, the first layer extrusion rate is recommended to be set higher than 100%, the first layer speed set to 10mm/s (refer to the figure below), close the first layer blowing fan, the platform should set to 45-60, raft and brim should also adjust to improve the platform's adhesion.

3. If these measures can not solve the problem, it is recommended that the platform coated with PVP solid glue or 3DLac Spray to increase
material adhesion, some lattice base plate may not stick, it can be replaced with pure glass base plate, the adhesion will be better.

4. Winter temperature is too low, PLA-Type materials may also be warped, you can properly open the air conditioner or use eSUN eEnclosure to print or properly reduce the speed of the blowing fan, such as adjusting to 50%.

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