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LITLIQ 1KG ABS Like Tough & Nylon-like 3d Printer UV Resin For Elegoo Anycubic Resin 3d Photon Resin Liquid High Elongation

SPECIFICATIONSProduct Name: 3d Printer UV ResinOrigin: Mainland ChinaModel Number: TH50-1000gMaterial: ResinForm: LiquidBrand Name: RESIONEAdapted Machine: DLP LCD 3D PrinterAdapted: 3d Photon Resin liquid LITLIQ TH50 resin is a tough resin with high elongation at break. It is hard but not brittle, tough but not soft. Its transparent blue appearance makes...
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Product Name: 3d Printer UV Resin

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: TH50-1000g

Material: Resin

Form: Liquid

Brand Name: RESIONE

Adapted Machine: DLP LCD 3D Printer

Adapted: 3d Photon Resin liquid


LITLIQ TH50 resin is a tough resin with high elongation at break. It is hard but not brittle, tough but not soft. Its transparent blue appearance makes it easy to observe the internal conditions of the printed part. It is an ideal choice for printing industrial parts and figures.

▌ Attention

  • Recommended layer height: 0.075mm

  • Do not put prints in water or humid environment

  • Excessive post-curing or low temperature will make prints brittle

  • Do not apply too much force to the prints just after post-curing, it will take several hours for the prints to reach the mechanical properties they should have

  • If you do not need to use the resin within 1 day, please pour it into a clean, light-shielded container and keep it tightly sealed. Do not mix the printed resin liquid with the unused resin to avoid contamination of the new resin

▌ Features

  • 【High Toughness】The hardness and toughness of the printed parts are superior to those of ordinary resins or mixture of ordinary resin and flexible resin, with good notched impact strength and excellent elongation at break.

  • 【Nylon-like】47% elongation at break and good impact strength, the strength is far superior to the mixed liquid printing parts of ordinary resin and flexible resin. The prints are tough but not soft, hard but not brittle, can be machined, and have a mechanical strength close to nylon 6.

  • 【Fast Printing】Higher transmission depth, the recommended printing layer thickness is 0.075mm. The number of layers is reduced for fast printing.

  • 【Suitable for beginners】The formula is optimized so that the bottom layer of the print sticks firmly to the platform. And the allowable exposure time range is large, and the fault tolerance rate is high. These factors improve the printing success rate.

  • 【Internal Visibility】 The transparent blue color is easy to observe the internal structure of the part, and if there is any damage inside during use, you can tell at a glance.

    • 【Wide range of application】 Suitable for most LCD and DLP resin 3D printers on the market.

▌ Application

  • Industrial parts

  • Hobby toys

▌  Compatible 3D Printer
  • All series of Anycubic,Elegoo,nova3d,Longer,QIDI TECH,Phrozen,Epax,Kelant,Wanhao,Creality,UNIZ etc. UV 405nm LCD resin 3D printer

  • All series of Moonray,Flashforge,Makex,Shining etc. UV 405nm DLP resin 3D printer

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