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Resione Printer Resin ABS Like Tough Flexible 3d Printer UV Resin For Elegoo Anycubic Resin 3d Photon Resin

SPECIFICATIONSProduct Name: Flexible 3d Printer ResinProduct: 3d UV ResinOrigin: Mainland ChinaName: Tough 3d ResinModel Number: M58-1000g M68-1000g k-1000gMaterial: ResinForm: LiquidBrand Name: LITLIQAdapted Machine: DLP LCD 3D PrinterAdapted: Elastic resin Detailed print parameter setting link: ▌ The difference between M58, M68 and K Color:M58 is light gray, M68 is white,...
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Product Name: Flexible 3d Printer Resin

Product: 3d UV Resin

Origin: Mainland China

Name: Tough 3d Resin

Model Number: M58-1000g M68-1000g k-1000g

Material: Resin

Form: Liquid

Brand Name: LITLIQ

Adapted Machine: DLP LCD 3D Printer

Adapted: Elastic resin


Detailed print parameter setting link:

▌ The difference between M58, M68 and K

Color:M58 is light gray, M68 is white, K is black
Toughness: K ≥ M68>M58;Rigidity: K ≤ M68<M58

M58 is a light gray tough resin.It is very suitable for printing movable figure toys or assemblable parts.

M68 is a white, tough, non-yellowing resin.It is very suitable for printing product shells, building models and sculptures.

K is a black tough resin,it is very suitable for printing parts that require toughness and strength.

F80 black elastic resin print has good resilience and can still be soft in cold winter. Its performance is similar to silica gel.

▌ Characteristics

Good resilience
Soft touch
Low temperature resistance

▌ Application

Dental gum model
Wearable object prototype

▌ Notice

F39/F69/F39T flexible resin prints will harden at low temperatures (below 20°C). It is recommended that the prints be used in an environment above 25℃
If you need prints to remain soft below 20℃, please choose F80 resin.

▌ The difference between F39, F69 and F80

Color:F39 is white, F69 is black, F80 is gum color
Elasticity: F80 > F39 = F69 = F39T
Tear strength: F80<F39 = F69 = F39T
F80 prints can remain soft at low temperatures, others will become hard

F69 is a black flexible resin.It has excellent tear strength and elongation at break, and the texture is similar to rubber.

M70 is a light salmon color high precision rigid resin,its prints have sharp details and are not easily warped.

G217 is a clear(slightly blue), non-yellowing, tough resin. After sanding off the stratification on the surface of the prints, they will become completely clear.

▌ Compatible 3D Printer

All series of Anycubic,Elegoo,nova3d,Longer,QIDI TECH,Phrozen,Epax,Kelant,Wanhao,Creality,UNIZ etc. UV 405nm LCD resin 3D printer

All series of Moonray,Flashforge,Makex,Shining etc. UV 405nm DLP resin 3D printer


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